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2008 Garage Makeover Winner
(Photos Of Jeanne's Garage Makeover Below)

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Jeanne from Plano
Jeanne from Plano pictured here with Kris O'Connor, General
Manager of A1 Affordable Garage Door Services and
Founder of Garage Makeover

The Garage Makover Included...

  • Complete organization with a professional organizer
  • Walls, ceiling and entry door painted
  • Brand New Double Steel back garage door
  • PremierOne attractive garage floor that is easy to clean and maintain
  • Wall cabinets and specialty organizers
  • PLUS Get a SAM (Store and Move) to store your belongings in during your Garage Makeover
  • A top of the line LiftMaster 3850 Beltdrive Garage Door Opener has been added to the prizes, retail value $450.00

Total Approximate Retail Value $9,000.00

Jeanne's Entry Letter

While this is supposed to be an entry letter stating why I think I need a garage makeover, I’ve given it considerable thought, and I think that what this truly will be is a love letter to my husband. Perhaps I’d better explain.

We’ve been married 26 years and three houses worth. By all accounts, my husband has been and is a saint, while I come in as something less than. All Saint Jay has ever really wanted has been a garage with a workbench, and room to park a car-just one!

Our first house was a fixer-upper down off lower Greenville-it didn’t even have a garage (nor did we ever fix it up!). Our second house in Plano had a garage, but it was quickly filled with the detritus of two working parents, two kids, two cats, a dog, and lives blessed with way too much stuff, and what seemed like just not enough room. Our third house-well, now would be a good time to break out the hankies.

Our third and current house has a spacious garage. And oh, nirvana-it even has a couple of two by fours that pass for a workbench! However:
All the above-mentioned detritus followed us, and more seems to have accumulated. Garage sales have been futile-we’ve even tried to give the stuff away, and had no takers. I’ve retired from teaching after 30 years and all of that stuff I just couldn’t throw away landed you-know-where. Our college senior has some items stashed for “when she starts her real life.” Our ‘tween has tossed the Barbies out there in favor of MP3s and other things I don’t understand. There are a few decorating mistakes waiting for a new home. What there isn’t – there isn’t a workbench that is accessible. There isn’t a place to park Saint Jay’s Midlife Crisis (he’s only had one – a red convertible, compared to the several crises I seem to have had!), which continues to get broken into-in fact, he now leaves it unlocked with nothing valuable in it with the hope that they’ll leave the roof intact. There is just barely room to walk from the driveway to the door, and that is fading fast.

And so, through it all, Saint Jay just sighs and looks longingly at what might have been. Never a cross word. Never a lost temper. Should he need a hammer, he just quietly borrows mine. Should it snow, or the car windows frost over, he just gets up early and clears off his windows- and mine.

So, I am hopeful that you see in this letter the deserving man I see everyday. Real men deserve a garage, don’t you think? Surely Saint Jay deserves one before he goes out for a pack of cigarettes and doesn’t come back! Oh, did I mention-he doesn’t smoke…….

Pleadingly yours,
Jeanne S.

Entry Photos (Before the Makeover)

The Stages Of Jeanne's Garage Makeover
Stage 1 - Organizing
Closets By Chicka
Stage 2 - The Floor
Premier Garage - The Leader in Garage Enhancement
Stage 3 - The Painting

Fresh Coat Painters

Stage 4 - New Garage Door and Opener
A1 Affordable Garage Door Services
Stage 5 - The Cabinets
Stage 6 - Unloading the SAM and Returning Everything to the Garage
I.M.S. Relocation
The Final Result